01.05.2021, 07:00 - 07:40 Uhr (40 min)


  • The Madness of Hercules, Folge 8 von 13
  • Sonstiges, Sonstiges, GB 2015
  • FSK: 12

BBC entertainment

Sa., 01.05.2021


Sendungsbild: Atlantis

One day Jason wakes up on an island where there are demigods and other mythological creatures. He meets Hercules and learns that he is in Atlantis. The two are joined by the highly intelligent Pythagoras. The three of them roam the countryside and meet creatures like Medusa or the Furies. Not infrequently, the three adventurers must defend themselves against evil forces.

Informationen zur Sendung

Sparte Sonstiges
Genre Sonstiges
Titel Atlantis
Darsteller Mark Addy (Hercules)
Jemima Rooper (Medusa)
Aiysha Hart (Ariadne)
Emmett J Scanlan (Delmos)
Jack Donnelly (Jason)
Robert Emms (Pythagoras)
Ken Bones (Melas)
Peter De Jersey (Goran)
Anya Taylor-Joy (Cassandra)
Sarah Parish (Pasiphae)
Regie Lawrence Gough
Drehbuch Johnny Capps
Julian Murphy
Howard Overman
Richard McBrien
Musik Stuart Hancock

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